Redeeming Vouchers for Public Tours:

Welcome valued voucher holders! Niagara Fun Tours makes it very easy for our voucher holders to check tour availability, book seats and redeem vouchers via our easy to navigate website. Seats on our public tours are open for everyone and we do NOT restrict availability for voucher holders vs non-voucher holders. This does not mean that our tours do not sell out, they do, especially Saturday tours.

Niagara Fun Tours makes it extremley easy to redeem your pre-paid vouchers. Please note that vouchers purchased online can only be redeemed once and partial redemptions are not allowed. Below are instructions on how to redeem your vouchers (valid and expired).

Redeeming Valid Vouchers

If you are in posession of a voucher for one of our current tours. Please read the following very carefully.

  • All valid vouchers can be redeemed online
  • Vouchers are only valid for our public tours
  • Niagara Fun Tours charges outstanding HST owing
  • One person can book up to 10 people at once
  • Website tracks inventory and informs you of sell-outs
  • Valid vouchers may be valid for outher public tours
  • Click Here for further details

Redeeming Expired Vouchers

Niagara Fun Tours wants to make sure ALL voucher holders get a chance to tour with us, even if your voucher has expired. We offer minimal fee's for redeeming expired vouchers. Please read the following carefully.

  • Do not book seats via our website, contact us first
  • Visit the tour page on website that your voucher is for
  • Expired vouchers are always transferrable
  • Have your vocuher handy when contacting us
  • Click Here for further details

Voucher Transfer Option

Our Voucher Transfer Option allows you to use your voucher for another tour. This is a great option if you are having difficulty redeeming your voucher for a specific date. This option is available even after your voucher expires..

  • Supply us with a few dates, we book first available date
  • Tour start times are different for each one
  • Fee of $15 per person will apply to transfer vouchers
  • Have your vouchers ready when filling out our form
  • Click Here for further details