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Review the following steps before submitting your choice of stops. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us prior to submission

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Before completing our online selection form, please make sure your Private Niagara Wine Tour Package has been confirmed by our office.

  1. Locate your email confirmation of booking
  2. Before submitting your choices, be sure to discuss if you are including lunch to your tour itinerary
  3. If you do not have an email confirmation, feel free to request rates for our 4-hr Private Niagara Wine Tour Packages

Review Our List
In Advance

Before completing our online selection form, take a few minutes to review our list of options. We have a great selection, from smaller boutique wineries to the larger corporate wineries


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Additional Information

Pick-up & Drop-off Address

All of our private charter rates included door-to-door pick-up and drop-off out of the Niagara Region. For options outside of Niagara, please email our staff

Consuming alcohol onboard vehicle

The consumption of alcoholic beverages are allowed onboard all of our limousines. Small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted on all touring vehicles

How to Tip your Driver

Unless otherwise noted in your reservation, all of our charter rates do NOT include gratuity. Tipping your driver is always appreciated. Typical amount is 15% of your total charter cost.

Distance to Wine Country from Niagara Falls

Estimated drive time from Niagara Falls to Wine Country can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes (depending on your winery selection). This drive time is allocated to your overall chartered time

Plan around 45 minutes at each stop

We plan each stop to be around 45 minutes in duration. In our experience, this is enough time to sample wine, shop & explore. Additional time is available, discuss with our staff.

Wineries that charge for Sampling

If you select wineries that charge a fee for sampling, Niagara Fun Tours will inform you and your group of required payment options

Take a guided tour of a winery

Every winery is different. Some of the larger wineries will charge for a guided tour that can take up to 40 minutes. Other smaller wineries offer quicker tours combined with sampling, at no extra cost.

Working lunch in to your itinerary

Feel free to use one of your stops towards a break for lunch. We allocate around 60-75 minutes, cost is extra. Add an extra or two to your charter, cost extra.

Switching vehicles if your Group size changes

We understand that group sizes can change at any given time. Combined with our flexible cancellation policies, feel free to enquire changing the size of your vehicle. Based on availability at time of request.

Payment & Cancellations

  • Credit card information is required to hold a vehicle. No deposit required.
  • Major credit cards accepted for payment (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX). Cash payments & E-Transfers are also acceptable forms of payment
  • Credit card transactions and e-transfer payments are executed the week leading up to your tour date
  • Cancelling Vans & School Buses:
    • No Penalty with minimum 10 days notice of cancellation
    • 50% of charter fee is billed for cancellations received minimum 5 days prior to tour date
    • 100% of charter fee is billed for cancellations received within 4 days of tour date
  • Cancelling Limousines & Shuttle Buses:
    • No Penalty with minimum 21 days notice of cancellation
    • 50% of charter fee is billed for cancellations received within 14-20 days of tour date
    • 100% of charter fee is billed for cancellations received within 13 days of tour date
  • To cancel a private tour booking, Niagara Fun Tours requires notice by BOTH phone & email
  • Changing the size of a vehicle is only an option if there is availability at time of notice
  • Delays in pick-up can affect your tour itinerary, so be sure to contact your driver as soon as possible. Niagara Fun Tours is not responsible for lost reservation times due to late pick-up