Wagjag Vouchers

Redeem Wagjag Vouchers Here…

Niagara Fun Tours makes it easy to redeem your Wagjag vouchers and secure your seats on our Niagara Wine Tour. See below for redemption instructions:

Be prepared when booking

Before you book your tour date via our booking calender, note the following important steps:

  • Review your Wagjag voucher to confirm the number of guests you can book
  • Locate the voucher number below barcode (outlined below)
  • Be sure to select the number of seats via our booking calendar that matches the number of guests your voucher(s) are valid for
  • Credit card information will be required when booking to pay the outstanding 13% HST
  • Once you book your seats, look for an email with your confirmation of booking
  • Have fun!
Wagjag Voucher