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December – March Tours

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Niagara Fun Tours makes it easy to redeem your Groupon vouchers and secure your seats. Confirm your voucher is valid for the following tour:

  • Winter Niagara Wine Tour (December thru March, 2024)

Be prepared when booking

Before you book your tour date via our booking calender, note the following important steps:

  • Review your Groupon voucher to confirm the number of guests you can book
  • Locate the voucher redemption code as outlined below
  • Be sure to select the number of seats via our booking calendar that matches the number of guests your voucher(s) are valid for
  • When prompted, remember to “Tick the Box” if you are redeeming an online voucher. This will ensure you are not being charged for the tour
  • Credit card information will be required when booking to pay the outstanding 13% HST
  • Once you book your seats, look for an email with your confirmation of booking
  • Have fun!

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